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Small things make a big difference

Up to 60% of the rubbish that ends up in the dustbin could be recycled, and you will be surprised at how many items can be recycled for the benefit of charities. The Catholic Children’s Society (Plymouth) in partnership with a collector in Plymouth will change your clutter into cash!

Orange collection boxes are now in parishes and schools throughout the diocese. Please place your stamps and things in the boxes and every box filled will help the children in our Diocese.

What can you put in the box?

  • Any Stamps (Please leave a 5 to 8mm border around stamps.)
  • Old Envelopes**
  • First Day Covers
  • Postcards** (including Pre-1940s Birthday Cardsa nd World War 1 silk cards**) – used or unused.
  • Coins and Bank Notes old and new, from ANYWHERE in the world, obsolete or otherwise.
  • Precious Metals – including broken jewellery, old trophies, gold, silver etc. Costume Jewellery accepted too.
  • Medals and Badges any, and not limited to military items, other medals and badges accepted.
  • Keys and Locks any age or types.
  • Metal Cutlery any cutlery, metal toys and ornaments, any age, type or condition.
  • Watches Quartz or wind-up, working or not.
  • Small Antiques & Collectibles – anything unusual considered

**If foreign stamps (of any date) or UK stamps postmarked BEFORE 1970 are on envelopes or postcards – DO NOT REMOVE THEM! They may be worth more as a collectible item complete.

Recycle your inkjet cartridges

You can feel good and help us at the same time by clicking here to get an envelope in which to recycle your old inkjet cartridges and mobile phones. There are now lots of people signed up as supporters.

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