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Helping children to think of others

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Advent appeal – Make Love Your Aim – together you raised nearly £2000 for vulnerable children and their families

The theme of our Advent appeal is ‘Make Love Your Aim’ we are asking pupils to explore how the CCSP helps local children and families and how they can get involved. Through our lesson plans and an assembly children will discover that not all children will have a Christmas full of treats and delights and that by sharing our love we can do something to help.

The lesson plans and a power point for an assembly are ready to download below. Please feel free to adapt the resources to suit your style of teaching and the needs of your own pupils.Please note – the lesson plans are not intended to replace the diocesan plans but they are designed to complement them. Full coverage of the curriculum will still need to be ensured.

As part of the appeal little crib collection boxes are available for children to take home and fill with coins throughout Advent. They will then return them at Epiphany. The coins can come from home or abroad and can be in or out of circulation.

If you have any questions or would like to order donation boxes please email Claire on or contact the office: 01364 6454520

Let’s work together to help children and families across the region in their time of need

Epiphany 2018

The donation boxes for the Advent Appeal will be returned to school as ‘gifts’ for the Feast of the Epiphany

The feast of the Epiphany is so often lost in the return to school but as a holy day of obligation it provides an opportunity for everyone to focus once again on the true message of Christmas and consider those who may have struggled over the Christmas holidays and to pray for better times for them in the year ahead.

For most people, Christmas finishes just as it starts with decorations taken down on Boxing Day and ‘Sales’ starting in the shops but in countries such as Spain, the Epiphany is more celebrated than Christmas Day as Dia de los Reyes (Three Kings Day) with a bank holiday, the exchange gifts and kings parading.

The following are notes for an Epiphany Liturgy, Mass and prayers:

A prayer for children in trouble

A modern prayer request to God for protection, provision and shelter for children in hardship or difficulty from

O Lord,
Be warmth
Be light
Be food
Be sleep
Be encouragement
Be protection
Be peace
Be father
To the children who are
cold, hungry, in darkness, tired,
hopeless, frightened, sad or worried across the world.
We believe you can shelter these little ones.
Hear their prayers.