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Make a difference

£15 can buy two pairs of robust boys trousers for school or a complete school PE kit, a complete bedding set of duvet cover, pillowcase, fitted sheet and mattress cover and nearly covers the cost of a ‘bed in a bag’ (duvet and pillow) which is currently £17.99.

Our GRANT ESSENTIALS programme aims to relieve the urgent material needs of children, young people and families by providing grants for household essentials such as a child’s bed, a cooker or a washing machine to low income families who simply can’t afford to buy these items themselves. In this way we reduce the incidence of homelessness and improve the well-being of children and families. All grant applications are considered on their individual merit.

To apply for a grant please download and complete the following grant application and reference form:
Grant application form
Reference form
The reference form needs to be completed by at least two people who know your situation.

Please also see our criteria and frequently asked questions documents:
Grant criteria 2015
Frequent Questions web

If you have any queries about the forms please contact us as we will be happy to help.

Laura’s story

Left on her own with two small boys, one of whom suffers from behavioural difficulties which put stress on home life, Laura attempted to improve their lot by enrolling on a nursing course and despite all the pressures was doing well and producing all her coursework. Finances were already stretched to their limit and it was a struggle for Laura to keep everything on an even keel and to make things worse they then lost most of their possessions when they were burgled. Her boys ended up having to share a mattress on a concrete floor. She didn’t know where to turn to. That is when she applied to the Society for help. We were able to give her beds for her boys and a carpet for their room. All she wanted was to give her boys a happy home and the Society was able to help her.

*names and some details have been altered to protect anonymity

Shane’s story

The Society also considers the spiritual and emotional development of children as an important aspect of their help so when Shane and his travelling family found themselves in a local parish for a short time the Society supported him as he completed his First Holy Communion programme.

*names and some details have been altered to protect anonymity

Pilgrim Sponsorship

The Society can also make funds available to enable children and young people to take part in events such as the pilgrimages organized by HCPT.

The youngsters gain so much from the experience of a holiday in a wonderful place, independent of their parents and with the support of helpers who have become their friends.

Here are a couple of excerpts from some young pilgrims’ diaries:

got to the stations of the cross. We took pictures and we took turns at saying prayers. After lunch we went shopping for presents. Then we walked up the hill for mass in the city of the poor. After dinner we carried candles in the torchlight procession. It was very beautiful

Packing to go home a sad day but will be happy to see mum, I will like to go back to Lourdes again I really enjoyed it.